". . . bearings on CE pumps at the Power Station were operating at high temperatures, journal bearing temps were at 80+°C, often reaching alarm values. Following the change to RevoSyn XP bearing temps steadied out to 75°C." PRODUCTION ENGINEER - POWER UTILITY
" . . . RevoSyn XP functions well in the higher operating temperatures, and adequately resists degradation and subsequent formation of coke. Our team has successfully implemented RevoSyn XP on several general purpose steam turbines, and high temperature pumps." ROTATING EQUIPMENT ENGINEER - PETROCHEMICAL PLANT
" . . . DE and NDE bearing temperatures dropped from 45°C and 55°C to 42°C and 48°C respectively, a 13% decrease" RELIABILITY MANAGER - PRETROCHEMICAL PLANT
Revolution Synthetic Food Grade Lubricants are Ultra compliant with NSF and Halal Certification